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A number of our guests put pen to paper and leave us with a poem reflecting on their stay with us. We are delighted to share some of these with you ...

I'm a Packhorse Scone

I’m a packhorse scone,
And I’m all alone,
Won’t somebody come and free me?
Oh it must be a dream,
Here comes clotted cream
And a blob of jam, just to see me.

So, now you see
I’ve become a cream tea,
And my life just can’t be beaten.
But the fate of a scone,
Who was once all alone
Is to end up getting eaten.

The Pack Horse

We two maidens from Somerset, with knees stiff and unbending,
Who are starting to feel that the ‘screws’ might be pending?
The veins and the age spots are starting to show,
It takes buckets of cream for the dark circles to go.

So we thought we would go on a healthy retreat,
A weeks carefree living, with only good things to eat.
We moved into the Pack Horse, with just this in mind,
But no one prepared us, for what we could find.

Our des-res is so comfy, a real home from home,
But there are no plastic flowers and no garden gnome.
We’ve got fresh sweet Williams and arch of wisteria,
Even Cherie’s not suffered, a bout of hysteria!

Our hostess is working from dawn to dusk,
Sorting the needs of such people as us.
She’s never too busy for a chat and some fun,
But we do sometimes wonder, how she gets all the work done.

We’ve done lots of walking and unlocked the knees,
We’ve sniffed all the flowers and hugged a few trees.
We’ve communed with nature and said a few prayers,
Cherie’s emptied her bladder and shed a few cares.

The cream teas have settled right down on our waists,
And the local hot talent is a question of taste.
We’ve even dispensed of a huge Toblerone,
And had no inclination to write or phone home.

We’ve booked ourselves in to dine at Fern Cottage,
A bit more exciting, than last nights pork sausage.
We’re told that the diners all sit around and chat,
We’re a little unsure, how we feel about that.

We will miss the quaint cottages, the ducks and the streams,
The freshly baked scones, all loaded with cream.
And we’ll go off from here, well and truly chilled out,
Having had a brief glimpse, of what life can be about.

So goodbye to the Park Horse, goodbye to mine host,
Good luck with your venture, you give to your most,
And to the Pack Horse, A TOAST!!

Sharon Hunt

An Ode to a bored Leggy Blonde

Before we arrived with your place we were smitten
So here's a small poem (sorry it's scruffily written)
But before we departed we "done" you this rhyme
Just to let you know that we had such a great time

On the phone you discussed just where we would be sleeping
With net curtain over door no strange Toms would be peeping!
Your cream tea constituted an afternoons delight
And your laugh rang out into the darkest night

The cottage was warm, cosy and quaint all in one
And the memories will linger (long after we're gone)
Your hospitality seems that it knows no bounds
We had the freedom of your beautiful grounds

Although it is early, I'm tired and my brain aint awake
My reputation as a poet may still be at stake
I'm trying in earnest to finish this ditty
With verse that is charming, amusing and witty.

But our sentiments are

If you need to escape from the bind
Of nine to five jobs; to relax and unwind
For a holiday where you'll be given the most
From two charming and lovely and welcoming hosts
You don't need to think hard, it's easy be-course
Just make sure you book up to stay at the Pack Horse

Nigel, Karen, Andrew and Charlotte


On a sunny august day
Claire, Justin and Phil went away.

We were very pleased that it wasn't wet
When we arrived in Somerset.

The packhorse we found with ease
A nice treat was to try your cream teas.

Rose cottage is comfy, clean and bright
After travelling a pleasing sight.

We went to Minehead, Dunster too
There really is so much to do.

So thank you for a lovely stay
We'll see you again another day

Claire, Justin and Philip

Perfect Packhorse

The advert said ' The Pack Horse', Allerford,
I said "Ooh Stan, that sounds alright,
D' you think we could go there?" He says "Never know, we might"
So we rings the Packhorse number and inquired of this girl, Lin.
If we might book an holiday, she says "yes I can fit you in".
She booked us in the Bridge Suite, I was thrilled to bits,
I said "A suite, my goodness, that sounds The Ritz!".
So off we goes to Allerford, to our holiday abode,
And wended our way nervously along a narrow road.
Then oh what a vision of delight did we find at the end.
A river with a packhorse bridge just around a little bend,
Brian came out to meet us, offered us a cup of tea,
Then showed us to our apartment our faces lit with glee
'Twas beautifully furnished with every mod. con. You could wish,
microwave, freezer and machine for every dirty dish.
I said "I wont need that dishwasher, we've got two, you see.
'Tis what we do use at home, ones him and one is me!"
We looked around and settled in, the place was a real dream,
Out of each window we could see the little bridge and stream.
We met Linda and the girls, a happy family we could tell
'Twas not long before we felt we knew them all so well,
Brian said "if you'd come later you'd have had the balcony
But I've not had time to build it yet, I'm such a busy bee."
I said "You'd best get on then, I'd like to sit there, please
And wave out to the passers-by as I drinks me cup of tea!"
He got started with vengeance, each day as we went off,
We would wave to poor Brian, on his ladder up aloft.
Oh we had such a lovely time, travelling round by foot and car
Climbing hills and visiting places and gardens near and far.

The family had three cats and one free range rabbit
The Beckham of the rabbit world, he'd got the football habit,
He'd chase both ball and pussies or he'd nibble Linda's flowers,
But into the garden shed he went to spend the midnight hours,
Just one thing was missing in his idyllic life,
He didn't have a 'Posh' rabbit to be a loving wife!

Each and every day the balcony, like little Topsy grew,
Brian sawed and toiled, determined he would see it through
Then on the Friday we drove in and there for all to see,
Were Jessica and Laura waving out from the new balcony!
Brian, proud but shattered, gasped "I said I'd get it done!
Now I can relax at last, the 'battle' has been won!"
There were 'photo calls' from the 'papparazzi' (David actually!)
Everyone was posing on the famous balcony.
Linda and I performed the opening with a bit of yellow string,
(The scissors were so blooming blunt we couldn't cut the thing!)
Neighbours and passing tourists waved and smiled at our revelry
As later on the four of us, Linda, Brian, Stan and me,
Sat out on the evening sun on that spectacle of delight
And toasted it with bags of crisps and wine, both red and white
We gave royal waves as folk went by, we knew fame at last,
But Stan and I felt sad our lovely holiday had almost past,
It had been a such a perfect week, we made so many friends
Next morning we must leave, all good things come to an end.
But come September we'll be back, in Wisteria we'll stay,
We thank you Linda and Brian for our heavenly holiday.

Ode to the Pack Horse

We stayed at the Pack Horse this summer,
‘Cos our caravan was let.
We were a bit of a dither
And didn’t know what to expect.

We were met by Brian and Linda
The moment we stepped from the car.
They offered us tea or coffee,
For a warmer welcome you’d have to go far.

Here, cats roam in the courtyard,
And ducks swim in the stream.
The people are so friendly,
It really is quite a dream.


I think this life could become a habit,
The views from our window are great.
We spent last night chasing a free-range rabbit,
I’ll be fit in no time at this rate!

This rabbit ran here, this rabbit ran there,
It bounced to the left, then to the right.
We were on the car park with our bums in the air,
Oh! What an incredible sight!

We tracked it over lawn and tarmac,
We chased it round and round,
With a ‘whoosh’ like the breeze, it ran trough my knees,
And finally gave up and lay down!

So if you’re chasing stray rabbits,
Which is a job a bit hit-and-miss,
Then come on down to the Pack Horse,
It doesn’t get better than this.


Relax and chill out in the courtyard,
Or stroll up into Selworthy wood.
If things are beginning to get you down,
You’ll remember that life can be good.

Dawn Ingram


‘Slow cats and ducks’ is the first thing you see,
as you enter the Pack Horse with glee.

Hours on the road and standstill at Bristol with cars for miles,
All forgotten with the greeting of Brian and Linda’s smiles.

Glad to get away from computer, phone and fax,
What a beautiful place we found to relax.

Luca made his mark by shouting at everyone in sight,
But everyone knew that his bark was worse than his bite.

Cream teas and chat made you feel immediately at home,
A perfect venue for us walkers who love to roam.

Selworthy Beacon, Bossington, Porlock Weir and Horner,
We loved every minute and explored every corner.

No wonder people come year after year,
The behind the shed parties, with plenty of beer.

Pack Horse is just a brilliant place to rent,
Poor old us - next week we are in a tent!

Emlyn, Chrissy and Luca

Our Holiday at the Pack Horse

Where shall we go on holiday this year?
I don’t know lets get some brochures my dear.
We look through the brochures and the Pack Horse we find,
We then ring Linda and she sounded so kind.

After Hannah’s sickness and the motorway stress,
We arrive at the Pack Horse and meet Linda, Brian and Laura and Jess.
The welcome was warm with coffee and tea
And a tour of Rose apartment which was ideal for us three.

We unpacked our cases and settled in,
Dad sits back and has a large grin.
We look forward and plan the days ahead
And eventually turn in for bed.

In the morning we wake to the running stream
And watch the trout its like being in a dream.
Out in the courtyard cat’s laze amongst the tables and chairs
And there is even a rabbit with funny sticky up hairs.

The days go quickly but are lots of fun,
But would have been even better if we had, had some sun.
We went to Lynmouth, Tarr steps and Lee bay,
And went to Woolacombe when the forecast said a sunny day.

We wish we had another week to come,
But sadly its time to make our journey home.
But when the question arises of where to holiday next year.
There will only be one answer, the Pack Horse my dear!!!

Richard, Denise and Hannah Sidgwick

An Ode to Somerset

If you have a moment, come listen to my tale
Of a place I found in Somerset and all that entails.

The air is clean and healthy, you really do feel great
In fact to have to leave there is something that I hate.

The atmosphere is welcoming, happy and relaxed
No matter what the weather's like you can't wait till you come back.

The people who do run it, are both happy, fun and kind
And no matter where you travel no better would you find.

The wine it does run freely, often and in plenty
It would in fact be difficult to find a glass that’s empty.

The courtyard is a meeting place filled with fun and frolics
You will often find the clientele slowing becoming alcoholics.

The cream teas are to die for, although they are quite rich
I have been known to eat too much and end up feeling sick.

The local club is open, go along and have a beer
The patrons are all friendly and full of lots of cheer.

Sometimes we have a bar-b-que it really is a treat,
With loads of cremated sausages and other kinds of meats.

The only thing that I can say, if you’re looking for a rest.
Book a holiday at the Pack Horse it really is the best.

The Campling Clan

The Packhorse Allerford

Twice a year we go there, what is it about the place
That brings that far off rapturous look onto each face?

Well- dream a dream in which you see a place so lovely there
is no other place quite like it with which you can compare

A tiny village, a packhorse bridge and a ford to cross you see.
Someone sits on an apartment balcony, could that be me!.

A river tumbles through the arches of a bridge that is so old
it holds countless memories that never can be told

Friends meet to chat there, while children play in the ford,
There is so much to see, explore - who needs to go abroad!.

Quaint thatched cottages abound with bread ovens and chimneys high,
A tiny Post Office shop, a museum, with flocks of sheep nearby.

There's whortleberries, and blackberries, sturdy trees that climb the hill
Follow the path and find Selworthy, so picturesque and still.

There are endless walks, there's Bossingon, there's moorland, there's the sea.
Meet neighbours in the Pack Horse courtyard to share coffee or cream tea.

It's a place of peace and quiet, of fellowship and laughter,
We may meet as strangers but we part as friends soon after.

Folk have a smile or greeting for all who pass their way,
It's so hard to leave here but oh, how easy 'twould be to stay.


The Beast of Packhorse Bridge

Look out, look out there's a little thief about,
Lock all your windows and doors,
Look out, look out there's a thief about
And she's coming on four paws,
Beware for she will way and stare
Watching for her chance,
Beware for she can climb the stairs
And can lead you a merry dance,
Yet the picture of innocence is what she portrays
When she's greeting you in her charming way;
That's a shake of the head and a wag of the tail
To gain your confidence it never fails,
We all love her, and give her little treats
Every time she comes, to meet and greet.
Yet under this mask, this mask so demure
She's a cunning villain and that's for sure.
Friends, make sure your dog eats up it's meal
For to her the aroma, smell has much appeal.
And before you know it in a twinkling of an eye
She would have eaten up that chicken and rabbit pie.

So please take note or you'll be sorry

When you have had a visit from our...



Open Door

Laptop open here I soar
Searching through the net once more
Click on favourites, that's the Pack Horse vacancies
Whoopee, there's one next week, that will do for me!

Wisteria apartment, my favourite, I'm in luck
I'll be able to look down at the river, and see some little ducks.
I pack my case in readiness, impatiently waiting for the day,
So when it does arrive, I'll be quickly on my way.

Motor way, Wellington and over the beautiful Exmoor
Until finally I arrive, at the Pack Horse open door.
Holly is there to greet me, her tail it wags with glee,
Linda's next, a hug, a kiss, and a tray of cake and tea.

How wonderful it feels, just like coming home,
With all those lovely woods and moors where I am free to roam.
It's very nice to get away from all the rush and tare
To meditate, and sample, that wonderful clean air.
Meander through the trees, meadows full of flowers
Rejuvenate and marvel, at nature's awesome powers.

For when it's time to leave, I'll feel refreshed once more

Always remembering, the welcome, I received at the Pack horse open door.

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