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We’re Open!

9th October 2020

It’s been brilliant to have now been open since July the 4th, and all our Covid procedures have been working well. Although Saturdays are still a challenge it’s so worth the extra precautions to ensure all is Covid safe.

This week, we have also produced an NHS Track And Trace QR code, located on the notice board in the courtyard. We kindly ask our guests – if they can- to scan the QR code during their stay.

8th July 2020

We’re open! We are so thrilled we got to open our doors again this Saturday (July 4th) and we’re good to go for a busy season ahead.

For the third time this year, our policies have now been amended once again! Hoping this doesn’t affect you and your holiday but should your region be in a localised lockdown or you have personally been asked to self-isolate for 14 days, we are happy to continue to offer transferring your holiday to a later date. Other than this, we are fully open, with all the procedures in place to keep you safe while at The Pack Horse and for any bookings that don’t fall into this category, our usual terms and conditions apply.

All future guests will be receiving our guide to how we are operating during this season. This will be sent out ahead of your stay along with a contact information form which we ask you to complete and return.

So looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kindest Regards

Linda & Brian

Re-opening Update

16th June 2020

We’re putting plans in place to open from the 4th July and wanted to keep you in the loop as to how we plan to clean and prepare for changeovers between guests and keeping to social distance measures. 

We’re allocating one cleaner per apartment in full PPE attire and all surfaces will be cleaned with the recommended antibacterial products to our usual high standards.  

Unfortunately the guidelines have advised us to remove any non essential equipment such as, magazines, books, games and maps. However, we are going to put together a guide with a list of websites and local information centres to replace any paper copies of information that we usually provide within the cottages. Please feel free to bring your own games or maps etc..

Local Information Guide

Another guideline that we’ve implemented is that our contact details will be given to guests for them to use during their stay if they need anything from us to save unnecessary contact.

Each apartment will have their own hand sanitiser for each access and gloves will be provided for the communal bin area should you wish to use them. 

To keep in line with social distancing measures, each apartment will be allocated an outside seating area, which will be yours for the duration of your stay. We appreciate that all our guests will still follow the government guidelines of 2 meter distancing around all our outside areas. 

We appreciate this is very alien to how we have usually run the packhorse for the last 20 years but this one’s a bit out of our control!

We still want your stay to be as fabulous as ever and will do everything possible to make it that way within the current restrictions.

Look forward to seeing you,

Kindest Regards

Linda & Brian

Further COVID-19 Update

13th May 2020

In accordance to the new government guidelines on Sunday 10th May, we continue to be closed. However, in the government document, the plan for remaining businesses like ourselves outlines that from the 4th July, if all other measurements have been reached, we could potentially reopen. Obviously this is dependant on everything going as planned regarding COVID-19.

We have now contacted all our June bookings as detailed below in our previous statement under the same terms and conditions. So if anybody wishes to book from July 4th 2020 onwards, you are now free to do so.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any queries on 01643 862475.


Linda & Brian

Update in Bookings

24th March 2020

To all our lovely guests, we’re sorry to announce that due to the government guidelines of yesterday (march 23rd) we have to close our doors at present. Please be assured that as soon as these restrictions have been lifted, the keys will be back in the door for you to open.

If we haven’t already managed to contact you, we will be endeavouring to do so this week, if you have a booking between now and the 4th June 2020.

We would very much appreciate if pre-booked guests could postpone their holiday until later this year or even into next. All deposits will be transferable as this will help small businesses like us, to continue.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any booking queries by emailing or calling us on: 01643 862475.

Update In Terms

Due to the changing circumstances of the Corona Virus in the past few weeks, we have updated our cancelation policy for new bookings taken between 13th March 2020 to 1st July 2020, to ensure your stay with us is as easy and flexible as possible.

A deposit of £75 per booking will be taken as normal on booking however, if you need to cancel due to the current situation of the Corona Virus, the deposit will be transferable to another available date within 6 months.

Due to being a small business, we rely on your support and would be grateful if this transferable option was only used if completely necessary. Located in beautiful Exmoor, surrounded by it’s stunning countryside, we’re a less occupied part of the country without being close to the potential sources of infection.

For travellers from abroad (outside of the UK), the transferable period will be extended to 12 months.

All our other terms and conditions are stated below and are still applicable.

Thank you for your support,

Linda & Brian